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Happy Poetry Day To ALL 🙂 Write more Poetry don’t Fall

#micropoetry #poetry

2:49am Mar 22 2018 —

Hey I am Live now 🙂 With Steemit Poets United Poetic Talk Show … 🙂 Welcome to join us all 🙂 Thank you…

11:36pm Mar 16 2018 —

Fly Away In Peaceful Retreat
Feel My Pain While I breath and eat
Find Your Way To Be Complete
You found your home s…

6:51pm Mar 11 2018 —

Come in quick
Make it big
Than leave silent
Be fame resilient

Show example
and let it be
All can sample
What is to…

1:27am Feb 26 2018 —

@THE_SCENE_HEARD Thanks I really have to submit you some work Sorry for not having time please remind me sometime t…

in reply to THE_SCENE_HEARD — 1:24am Feb 26 2018 —

If you’re not being active
You’re no longer attractive

Is this all you need
Just to fill up your feed

Don’t you…

10:43pm Feb 24 2018 —

You can find much
While I was out of touch

Had so much to read
Just look at my feed

If you did not had enough

9:23pm Feb 24 2018 —

I don’t know what you want
Or for what you always rant

But I am here for you
To show you the true

The true way of…

9:18pm Feb 24 2018 —

Do you know
How to spread
All love
Before go to Bed

It is easy just be
Share it all not for a fee

What yo…

9:13pm Feb 24 2018 —

RT @Matt_M_Leonard: .@AngelVeselinov Holy shit, WTF JUST HAPPENED? Midnight Traveler Experiment Part 25 #amwriting #writerswanted https://t…

9:09pm Feb 24 2018 —