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It is hard to be close
But not distant
Your soul to expose
you’re resistant

Unleash all the chains
Than forgive all your pains


2:07am Sep 22 2017 —

Time has no beginning nor end
Don’t be so foolish my friend
It is all eternity called
With time everything will unfold


2:05am Sep 22 2017 —

You don’t know shit
But don’t you quit
Stay and learn
Than more clever return

#micropoetry #amwriting #poem

2:02am Sep 22 2017 —

Don’t bother to solve
My actions
Even I can’t resolve
Your filthy attractions
Be better yourself
Always first blame myself

12:46pm Sep 20 2017 —

All happens for a reason
Even that nasty treason
Soon you will understand
Why everything you have to withstand

#micropoetry #amwriting

12:00pm Sep 20 2017 —

No matter how it looks
It always has false meaning
No matter what it took
I choose a new beginning

#micropoetry #motivation #poem

11:22pm Sep 17 2017 —

Too much to share
But no one care
Too little to understand
It is so easy to sand
Instead to look down
Because you’re clown


11:03pm Sep 17 2017 —

What do you believe in
Anything to mention
I doubt if you say it
There will be some tension
Be free to express
Only truth with no press

11:02pm Sep 17 2017 —

Trough sound
we discover New vibrations
We’re bound
To live life of complications
To solve the mystery at once
That’s our only chance

11:00pm Sep 17 2017 —

You have to write it now
Or else it does not count
Just tell us your know how
Of this lovely sound

#micropoetry #fiction #poetry

10:57pm Sep 17 2017 —