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This one is for the wicked
That got a heaven ticket

They are always with smile
Moving charming with style


9:32pm Dec 11 2018 —

Not long ago
I was one with the flow

Many people red my tweets
I was telling truth, not deceits

I hope you enjoye…

11:51pm Dec 9 2018 —

It is not much what I give
But I strongly believe
All that read those lines
Will be feeling fine

There is no other…

11:48pm Dec 9 2018 —

It is all within yourself
You have to explore
All beneath your human shell
Like your soul to adore

Everything that…

11:46pm Dec 9 2018 —

There is so much more
To experience to adore

Don’t you stop now
You have to know how

To be joyful in peace
Stop t…

10:20pm Dec 9 2018 —

Happy Holiday Season
Write some #Poetry for no reason

Just to cheer you up
While eating cold soup

It is a matter…

10:06pm Dec 9 2018 —

RT @CassandraPeak: Never Today

Lovely figure
Caressing the air
With delicate fingers
Stillness in her sanity
A level field
Calm before t…

9:56pm Dec 9 2018 —

RT @poetsunitedorg: Hey all come join us for 47 Episode of our live show with @AngelVeselinov
Talking #Crypto and #poetry What can be Bet…

9:29pm Dec 9 2018 —

RT @Asma_sid15: I speak to myself. I write letters from me to me.


7:50pm Nov 4 2018 —

@Asma_sid15 Thank You Glad You Like It 🙂 My Pleasure.

in reply to Asma_sid15 — 7:41pm Nov 4 2018 —